We partner early, when you need it the most.

While we partner with ventures at all stages, we have always preferred to be involved at the very beginning, when the odds of success seem slim, when much is hazy, and when founders need long-term allies. It’s here that we can help most: providing seed capital, hiring vital engineers, honing product positioning, lining up initial customers and providing a world of deeply sought connections. The earliest days of a company often set the tone for all that comes later.

Our approach to seed is founded on three big rocks

We believe in the power of a multidisciplinary team


Our team partners both with young ventures finding their stride and established ones looking for step-function growth. We help organizations become enduring businesses, providing seed capital, competences and connections. We are a small and dynamic team with very different but complementary industries and practices expertise.

Great start-ups we partnered with

Specto Srl

Specto Srl

Specto Srl


Next-generation miniaturized spectrometers for medical diagnostics and beyond.

Nunc AB

Specto Srl

Specto Srl


Nunc is a Swedish company founded in 2017, bridging Fashion and Philosophy. Beautifully designed timepieces that tell the only universal truth of time.


Specto Srl



Southern environment is made of warm atmosphere and traditional flavors that let you feel at home.

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